Last Updated on Sep 23, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for muscle twitching?

A primary care physician can guide you to avoid muscle twitching that occur due to general tiredness or nutritional deficiencies. However, a neurologist must be consulted to rule out nerve disorders.

2. How is muscle cramp different from muscle twitch?

Muscle cramp involves sudden single contraction of a single muscle or a set of muscles, while a muscle twitch is repetitive contractions of a single muscle or set of muscles.

3. Is eye twitching a bad luck or a sign of stress?

Twitching of the eyelids, or eyelid spasms, is considered a bad luck in some cultures. However, eye twitching is similar to the muscle twitch as the eyelid muscles are involved. The common cause of eyelid twitching is lack of proper sleep. Stress, strain on eyes, dry eyes, alcohol intake, etc. are other causes. Neurological conditions like blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm also can cause eyelid twitching.

4. What are the possible muscles in which muscle twitching can occur?

Muscle twitching can occur in any voluntary muscle group. Most commonly reported muscles that twitch are eyelids, arms, legs, and feet muscles. Muscles of the tongue and abdomen are less commonly reported to have muscle twitch.

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