Metabolic Defects - Other Metabolic Disorder

Nucleic acid metabolism-Gout Phosporibosyl pyrophosphate synthetase Excessive production of uric acid, joint pain, swelling and possibly deafness Drug treatment with allopurinol
Metal metabolism Hemochromatosis Defect in iron absorption Excess iron damages liver, heart, pancreas, skin, and joints. Fatal if left untreated. Chelation therapy for removal of excess iron
Metal metabolism Wilson disease Defect thought to be in transportation of copper Excess copper accumulation in the body, liver disease, ring around iris, tremor, emotional and behavioral effects. Administration of D-Penicillamine, zinc. Dialysis or liver transplantation
Lysosomal disorders
Hurler syndrome
charidoses I)
a- L- iduronidase Enlarged liver, spleen, skeletal deformities, coarse facial features, large tongue, hearing loss, corneal clouding, heart disease, mental retardation, and death.

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