How is the Test procedure performed?

The patient is requested to lie still on a sliding table. Care is taken to ensure that the patient is comfortable in the position. Following positioning, the table would slide into a cylinder like structure, housing a large magnet. With the patient now inside the MRI unit, a two dimensional image of a particular required section of the body is created. You can communicate with the radiologist or the technician in case of any difficulty or trouble.

While inside the MRI unit, a loud thumping noise is usually heard. However mufflers are provided to the patient to protect the ears form the noise. Earplugs are also provided to a relative or friend who accompany the patient in the room.

The noise will stop at a certain point beyond which you will hear the voice of the radiologist or the assistant asking you to remain still. Donít worry. You donít have to remain still for long. Some degree of movement is allowed inbetween the imaging sequences.

After this is over, you may have to wait in the waiting area till such time a experienced radiographer analyses the images obtained. Following verification, the report is sent to the senior most doctor for scrutiny and approval. The processing of your results may take one or two days.


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