The Macrobiotic Diet

While following this kind of diet lifestyle changes have to be made such as:-

It is advised that one eat in a relaxed environment, chewing each mouthful of food at least 50 times, and expressing gratitude for the food. Meals are recommended 2 or 3 times a day, as long as the portion percentages go along with those recommended
previously. Drinking should be limited to only when you are thirsty. Excessively long, hot showers or baths are to be avoided as they can leach minerals from the body. Cotton is recommended for any clothing that touches the skin as it is a natural fiber. Advice for the home includes opening windows at some point every day, no matter what the weather, as it is important to have fresh air circulating indoors. Another fresh air tip is to have several green plants around to enrich the oxygen in the air. One should also be sure to keep their home neat and clean, as it brings order and balance to your environment.

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