Last Updated on May 05, 2015

Top 5 Health Tips for Difficulty in Swallowing

1. In case of Globus Hystericus, you should make a note of what situations are leading to lump like sensation in the throat.

2. After identifying those situations, it is important to handle those situations tactfully without getting stressed or anxious. Lowering stress and anxiety alleviates your symptoms.

3. It is important to get evaluated thoroughly by your physician for any identifiable cause for lump like sensation in the throat. It also relieves from thoughts of some thing serious in the throat.

4. Taking warm liquids or muscle relaxants like valium usually helps to cope with the discomfort.

5. Lifestyle changes - Balanced nutrition with adequate physical exercise and proper hydration help in normal body functioning and also improves ones ability to handle stressful situations. Lying down immediately after eating should be avoided to prevent reflux. Head end elevation of bed, lying down at least after three hours of eating, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, spicy and fatty food all reduce the chances of reflux into the esophagus.


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