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Preparation of the patient

The plastic or cosmetic surgeon decides on the suitability of the patient for liposuction based on the patientís age, skin elasticity and general well being.

Who can undergo liposuction?

The plastic surgeon will study the patient characteristics, in terms of elasticity of the skin, integrity of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, and general health of the patient before deciding on the extent and areas that can be liposuctioned. Sometimes liposuction may have to be combined with other procedures like lipectomy, face lifts and so on to achieve better aesthetic results.

Liposuction is generally not done in those people who may suffer from clotting problems or who are otherwise ailing from serious heart problems.

Stop certain medications

The patient has to stop medicines like aspirin or other blood thinners prior to the operation as per the advice of the surgeon.

Anesthesia for liposuction

Depending on the patientís choice as well as the patientís health and the areas that require sectioning, the doctor may choose to do it under local or general anesthesia.

The procedure may be done as a day-care operation if the area of suction is limited or if it is done under local anesthesia alone.

If general anesthesia is planned for, then a starvation period of six hours prior is mandatory.

Most patients will have some intra-venous fluid and an antibiotic prior to the operation. The operation is usually done with the minimum monitoring of pulse rate, blood pressure and ECG.


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anatina Sunday, December 16, 2012

i have done liposuction on my arms three weeks ago in ghana africa. i only losed 3 cm is it good done?

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