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Leucopenia is a decrease in the number of total whiteblood cells (leukocytes) found in blood. It is also known as leukocytopenia.

The normal total white cell count is 5000-10000per cubic millimeter. When the total white cell count drops below 3,500 per cubic millimeter in the blood, the person is said to be suffering from leucopenia.


Leucopenia decreases a person’s ability to fight infections and diseases as white blood cells provide natural defense against infections.

Neutropenia is a subtype of leucopenia and refers to a decrease in the number of circulating neutrophil granulocytes. Neutrophils are the most abundant white blood cells (WBCs). Sometimes the terms leucopenia and neutropenia are used interchangeably, as the neutrophil count is the most important indicator of infection risk.

Leucopenia may be associated with various medical conditions like aplastic anemia and some autoimmune diseases, and intake of certain drugs. Chemotherapy and radiation can also lead to leucopenia. Other causes include hyperthyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis and liver or spleen disorders. Some congenital disorders or viral, bacterial and parasitic infections can lead to leucopenia.

Some of the common symptoms include infections,fatigue, sleepiness, fever and headache.

Leucopenia can be diagnosed with the help of a complete blood count (CBC).

Treatment mainly involves taking vitamin supplements, steroids or other medications along with a balanced diet and adequate rest.

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maria.26 Wednesday, February 26, 2014

i had ben a leucopania patient,about 10 years ago my bone marro w stops to produce wbc's then doctotrs treat me with steroids 'chemotherapy and 12 times radiation now im fine and after that got married and having 2 children the qes:is it may be revese?or wat are the precaution to safe me from this again plllz reoly me must im very needy maria sami age 29

subodhj Sunday, July 1, 2012

can we get perfect diet for leucopenia ?

scarlette Monday, September 5, 2011

My white blood cell count is 3.6.....I have been told I have mild leucopenic....what is normal white cell count? I was diagnosed as Acquired Haemophila A 3 months ago. I am female 55yrs old. I have a have also been nuetropnic. I am on steroids and cyclophosphimde.

rahiba Wednesday, August 26, 2009

if it persists for a very long time can it b fatal

peter01 Thursday, July 23, 2009

hi, how can we treat leucopenia? what can we do to avoid it?

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