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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for treatment of leptospirosis?

You must consult a physician.

2. Is it possible to prevent leptospirosis?

Yes, it is possible to prevent leptospirosis. Since these bacteria commonly infects domestic animals such as dogs and livestock; better standards of personal hygiene, wearing footwear and elimination of the animals reservoir may help reducing the incidence of the disease.

Following are essential measures for prevention of leptospirosis-
  • Protected water supply to all
  • Proper collection, transport, treatment and secured disposal of garbage
  • Drinking boiled water
  • Disinfection of contaminated work areas
  • Providing proper protective clothing, shoes, gloves, etc. to high-risk Occupational groups
  • Prohibition of recreation activities in contaminated waters
  • Effective rodent control measures
  • Proper collection, treatment and secured disposal of animal excreta
  • Improving occupational hygiene standards in cattle farms
  • Proper disposal of dead and infected animals

3. Can leptospirosis be prevented with a vaccine?

A vaccine for leptospirosis is available and used in some countries of Europe and Asia. It must be given every year. A longer-acting vaccine is under investigation.


paul123 Monday, November 7, 2011

We here in Thailand are being told there is no reason to panice about any water borne deseases in the current floods. We have thousands of tons of uncollected rubbish floating in the water animal and human waste. What can we do to minimise the risk of contacting leptospirosis cholera malaria etc. Is there som medicine we can take to lesson the risks. many thanks Paul

prabhumicro Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Need proper diagnostic set ups and patients must check up promptly and early for leptospirosis; or else leads to multi organ disorder to multiple organ failure
Dr. Prabhu Nagarajan, India Date: 04.02.2009

R.Lavanya Saturday, January 3, 2009

Whenever patients are coming with fever it is better that the doctor ask them to go for three tests namely MALARIA,WIDAL and LEPTOSPIROSIS.By doing this we can prevent the spreding of disease

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