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Latest Publications and Research on Ultra-Violet Radiation

Sci Rep    

Thickness-induced metal to insulator transition in Ru nanosheets probed by photoemission spectroscopy: Effects of disorder and Coulomb interaction.

Ootsuki D, Kodera K, Shimonaka D, Arita M, Namatame H, Taniguchi M, Minohara M, Horiba K, Kumigashira H, Ikenaga E, Yasui A, Uchimoto Y, Toyoda S, Morita M, Fukuda K, Yoshida T

We investigated the electronic structures of mono- and few-layered Ru nanosheets (N layers (L) with N?=?1, ~6, and ~9) on Si substrate by ultra-violet... Read More

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J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol  2020 Jan 21  

Chemical composition and distribution of tattoo inks within tattoo associated keratoacanthoma.

Colboc H, Bazin D, Moguelet P, Reguer S, Amode R, Jouanneau C, Lucas I, Deschamps L, Descamps V, Kluger N

Carcinogenic risk of tattoo inks remains unclear and their composition are poorly regulated. Various types of carcinogenic compounds can be found in t... Read More

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Sci Rep    

A novel method for biosynthesis of different polymorphs of TiO2 nanoparticles as a protector for Bacillus thuringiensis from Ultra Violet.

Jalali E, Maghsoudi S, Noroozian E

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) were used for biosynthesis of amorphous TiO2 converted to distinct polymorphs (anatase, rutile, mix) under different tempe... Read More

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Nat Commun    

Intense attosecond pulses carrying orbital angular momentum using laser plasma interactions.

Wang JW, Zepf M, Rykovanov SG

Light beams with helical phase-fronts are known to carry orbital angular momentum (OAM) and provide an additional degree of freedom to beams of cohere... Read More

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