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Latest Publications and Research on Stones in Urinary Tract

Urologe A  2020 Jan 31  

[Current aspects in pediatric urolithiasis treatment].

Strohmaier WL

Compared with adults, urolithiasis is quite rare in children (1-2% of all urinary stones occur during childhood). In principle, all therapy modalities... Read More

Source: PubMed

BMC Urol    

Diabetic ketoacidosis complicated by emphysematous pyelonephritis: a case report and literature review.

Song Y, Shen X

The management of emphysematous pyelonephritis (EPN) includes conservative medical treatment, percutaneous drainage, and surgical resection of the inv... Read More

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Biomed Res Int    

Risk Factors for Urosepsis after Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in Patients with Preoperative Urinary Tract Infection.

Wang S, Yuan P, Peng E, Xia D, Xu H, Wang S, Ye Z, Chen Z

The purpose of this study was to assess risk factors of urosepsis after minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy (MPCNL) for the treatment of u... Read More

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Curr Urol    

Bladder Stones Associated with an Aggressive Plasmacytoid Variant of Urothelial Cancer: A Rare Case and Literature Review.

Alsheikh M, Zaman MF, Gopinath P, Qteishat A

Urothelial carcinoma is the most common histologic subtype of bladder cancer, accounting for approximately 90%. We herein report a case of a 78-year-o... Read More

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J. Endourol.  2020 Jan 28  

Safety and Efficacy of Emergency Ureteroscopy with Intracorporeal Lithotripsy in Patients Presented with Urinary Tract Infection With Mild sepsis.

Ibrahim MB, Abdelhalim KM

To assess safety and efficacy of emergency ureteroscopy (URS) with intracorporeal lithotripsy for management of distal ureteral stones in highly selec... Read More

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ProAsim Thursday, June 13, 2013

I had a pain while discharge urine almost 2 months ago, I took some medicine and it worked. After couple of weeks in the late night for continues 2 days a severe desire to discharge urine but there was actually no urine. Let me conclude it quickly, I had gone through Blood, Urine Test and also Ultrasound of complete abdomen. In the Urine found puss cell and also some blood cells as well but there was no stone or infection in kidneys. Doctor prescribed some medicine for 15 days and advised to come again for checkup. I took medicine and then did not visit again to doctor. Almost 5 days ago on dated 8th June, I noticed there was blood coming from my urine, I started drinking water, lemon juice, the urine was hard to come out but I noticed blood stopped coming during urinate but some drops of blood at the end come out. before visiting doctor on 10th June, I again gone through some tests of Urine and Ultrasound, there was small infection was showing on urine pipe. Then again doctor advised go with X-ray of abdomen, on 10th evening I get the x-ray result and found a shadow of stone on urine pipe [Sorry I have no idea what to say to this place]. The stone is not too big but I noticed this can not go through urine pipe, can you please advice how can I cure from this?

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