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Curr Psychiatry Rep    

Toward Actionable Practice Parameters for "Dual Diagnosis": Principles of Assessment and Management for Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Intellectual/Developmental Disability.

Constantino JN, Strom S, Bunis M, Nadler C, Rodgers T, LePage J, Cahalan C, Stockreef A, Evans L, Jones R, Wilson A

Although treatment algorithms and parameters for best practice are readily available for all major syndromes of psychiatric impairment, the occurrence... Read More

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Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord    

Preoperative Depression and Plasma Cortisol Levels as Predictors of Delirium after Cardiac Surgery.

Eshmawey M, Arlt S, Ledschbor-Frahnert C, Guenther U, Popp J

Delirium is common in old patients who undergo cardiac surgery, and it is associated with adverse outcomes. The genesis of delirium is thought to be m... Read More

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Addict Behav    

Mindful self-regulation of attention is a key protective factor for emotional dysregulation and addictive behaviors among individuals with alcohol use disorder.

Cavicchioli M, Ramella P, Vassena G, Simone G, Prudenziati F, Sirtori F, Movalli M, Maffei C

Individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) and other substance use disorders (SUDs) frequently show co-occurrent behavioral addictions (BAs) (i.e., g... Read More

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J Anxiety Disord    

The therapeutic alliance in exposure therapy for anxiety-related disorders: A critical review.

Buchholz JL, Abramowitz JS

The therapeutic alliance has been the subject of a great deal of psychotherapy research, and evidence from numerous empirical studies suggests that a ... Read More

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Neurobiol. Aging  2020 Jan 08  

Psychosis-associated DNA methylomic variation in Alzheimer's disease cortex.

Pishva E, Creese B, Smith AR, Viechtbauer W, Proitsi P, van den Hove DLA, Ballard C, Mill J, Lunnon K

Psychotic symptoms are a common and debilitating feature of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and are associated with a more rapid course of decline. Current e... Read More

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