Latest Publications and Research on Mosquito Diseases

Sci. Total Environ.    

Cattle-induced eutrophication favours disease-vector mosquitoes.

Buxton M, Cuthbert RN, Dalu T, Nyamukondiwa C, Wasserman RJ

Free-range cattle rearing in arid landscapes contributes profoundly to ecosystem degradation. Cattle dung nutrification in aquatic habitats potentiall... Read More

Source: PubMed

Travel Med Infect Dis  2020 Jan 28  

Risk estimation for air travel-induced malaria transmission in central Europe - A mathematical modelling study.

Pondorfer SG, Jaeger VK, Scholz-Kreisel P, Horn J, Krumkamp R, Kreuels B, Mikolajczyk RT, Karch A

Aim of our study was to identify conditions under which malaria transmission caused by imported infectious mosquitoes or travellers could occur at lar... Read More

Source: PubMed

PLoS ONE    

High prevalence of Phasi Charoen-like virus from wild-caught Aedes aegypti in Grenada, W.I. as revealed by metagenomic analysis.

Ramos-Nino ME, Fitzpatrick DM, Tighe S, Eckstrom KM, Hattaway LM, Hsueh AN, Stone DM, Dragon J, Cheetham S

Arboviruses cause diseases of significant global health concerns. Interactions between mosquitoes and their microbiota as well as the important role o... Read More

Source: PubMed

J. Gen. Virol.  2020 Jan 31  

Novel monoclonal antibodies against Australian strains of negeviruses and insights into virus structure, replication and host -restriction.

Colmant AMG, O'Brien CA, Newton ND, Watterson D, Hardy J, Coulibaly F, Bielefeldt-Ohmann H, Warrilow D, Huang B, Paramitha D, Harrison JJ, Hall RA, Hobson-Peters J

We report the isolation of Australian strains of Bustos virus and Ngewotan virus, two insect-specific viruses in the newly identified taxon Negevirus,... Read More

Source: PubMed

PLoS Pathog.    

MyD88-dependent influx of monocytes and neutrophils impairs lymph node B cell responses to chikungunya virus infection via Irf5, Nos2 and Nox2.

McCarthy MK, Reynoso GV, Winkler ES, Mack M, Diamond MS, Hickman HD, Morrison TE

Humoral immune responses initiate in the lymph node draining the site of viral infection (dLN). Some viruses subvert LN B cell activation; however, ou... Read More

Source: PubMed


Subha_NIT Monday, August 5, 2013

Is there any vaccine avaiable for Filaria?

darshani Wednesday, July 18, 2012

can we have a anti virus for dengu

dhanusha Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what are the symptoms when you have Filaria?

ennairam_23 Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mosquitoes are the number one enemy of public health because they are vectors of a lot of diseases such as malaria and dengue. That's why it is really important that we eradicate them. Numerous studies have been done against mosquitoes. There are insecticides and organic insecticides to kill them.

Wynnr Thursday, February 17, 2011

If mosquitoes can carry and transmit a virus the size of the Malaria virus, why do they not also carry and transmit a much smaller virus called HIV? Medicos poo poo this idea. If the insects don't transmit and carry Aids then should the filtering mechanism be closely studied?

ParasiteRex Saturday, April 21, 2012

First off malaria is a parasite, not a virus. The parasite goes developmental stages within the mosquitos gut. The parasite migrates to the mouthparts of the mosquito to be spread to another person. Viruses don't do this.

aprilgold Saturday, September 11, 2010

what are the symptoms when you have dengue?

p.creation Sunday, November 28, 2010

You first need to do is go to the hospital first as soon as possible then take some antibiotic medicine. First keep in your mind that clean your home from all poor insect control areas.

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