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Latest Publications and Research on Monogenic Forms of Diabetes

Clin Diabetes    

Uncommon Presentations of Diabetes: Zebras in the Herd.

Shidler KL, Letourneau LR, Novak LM

The majority of patients with diabetes are diagnosed as having either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. However, when encountered in clinical practice, some ... Read More

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Diabetes Ther    

Utility of Precision Medicine in the Management of Diabetes: Expert Opinion from an International Panel.

Kalra S, Das AK, Bajaj S, Priya G, Ghosh S, Mehrotra RN, Das S, Shah P, Deshmukh V, Sanyal D, Chandrasekaran S, Khandelwal D, Joshi A, Nair T, Eliana F, Permana H, Fariduddin MD, Shrestha PK, Shrestha D, Kahandawa S, Sumanathilaka M, Shaheed A, Rahim AAA, Orabi A, Al-Ani A, Hussein W, Kumar D, Shaikh K

The primary objective of this review is to develop a practice-based expert group opinion on the role of precision medicine with a specific focus on su... Read More

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Curr Diabetes Rev  2019 12 29  

Monogenic Diabetes: Genetics and Relevance on Diabetes Mellitus Personalized Medicine.

Sousa, Bruges-Armas

Diabetes (DM) is a complex disease with significant impression in today's world. Aside from the most common types recognized over the years, such as t... Read More

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Front Endocrinol (Lausanne)    

A Systematic Review of Childhood Diabetes Research in the Middle East Region.

Saraswathi S, Al-Khawaga S, Elkum N, Hussain K

Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a common chronic disorder in children and is caused by absolute or relative insulin deficiency, with or without ... Read More

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