Latest Publications and Research on Extra Sensory Perception

JBJS Case Connect    

Radial Nerve Sensory Branch Anatomical Variant: A Case Report and Literature Review.

Day LM, Stroud SG, Shah NV, Pascal SC, Penny GS, Diebo BG, Illical EM

Two patients sustained comminuted extra-articular distal humerus fractures. One patient was neurovascularly intact preoperatively. The other patient h... Read More

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Zhongguo Zhen Jiu    

[Effect of acupuncture at " three points of ilioumbar" on lumbar function and pain in patients with iliopsoas muscle strain].

Li YJ, Zhuang WS, Cai XG, Yang Y, Han MM, Zhang DW

To compare the clinical effect of acupuncture at "three points of iliolumbar" combined with celecoxib and celecoxib alone in the treatment of iliopsoa... Read More

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