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Latest Publications and Research on Dentures

Clin Oral Investig  2020 Feb 01  

Clinical performance of non-precious metal double crowns with friction pins in severely reduced dentitions.

Hinz S, Schweyen R, Hey J, Setz J, Arnold C

Several in vitro studies have investigated the retention of double crowns with friction pins (DCP); however, clinical data on their long-term success ... Read More

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J Oral Rehabil  2020 Jan 30  

Determination of the lingual border of lower complete dentures: How to use a silicone impression material?

Yamazaki F, Mihara Y, Maeda Y, Matsuda KI, Mameno T, Ikebe K

This study aimed to clarify the efficacy of a border-molding procedure with low-flow silicone impression material compared with a conventional compoun... Read More

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J Emerg Med  2020 Jan 28  

An Unusual Cause of Intubating Laryngeal Mask Obstruction Preventing Successful Intubation in the Emergency Department.

Helmer JL, McCarthy P, Reardon RF, Driver BE

The intubating laryngeal mask airway (ILMA) allows providers to blindly intubate through the device. We report a case of foreign material obstructing ... Read More

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J Esthet Restor Dent  2020 Jan 30  

Three-year clinical performance of monolithic and partially veneered zirconia ceramic fixed partial dentures.

Habibi Y, Dawid MT, Waldecker M, Rammelsberg P, Bömicke W

To compare the 3-year survival and success rates of monolithic (M) and partially veneered (PV) zirconia-fixed partial dentures (FPDs).... Read More

Source: PubMed

Front Aging Neurosci    

Functional Adaptation of Oromotor Functions and Aging: A Focused Review of the Evidence From Brain Neuroimaging Research.

Lin CS

"Practice makes perfect" is a principle widely applied when one is acquiring a new sensorimotor skill to cope with challenges from a new environment. ... Read More

Source: PubMed

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