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Beach Feet: A Sand-associated Thermal Injury to the Soles of the Feet and the Plantar Aspect of the Toes.

Cohen PR

Athletes may develop sports-related dermatoses. Indeed, participants of aquatic-associated sports can experience dermatologic conditions that affect t... Read More

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FP Essent    

Skin Infections and Outpatient Burn Management: Fungal and Viral Skin Infections.

Woolever DR

Fungal and viral skin infections are common and typically are managed by family physicians. The fungal skin infections commonly seen in family practic... Read More

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Chin. J. Traumatol.  2019 Dec 24  

Osteochondral autograft transfer (mosaicplasty) for treatment of patients with osteochondral lesions of talus.

Sabaghzadeh A, Mirzaee F, Shahriari Rad H, Bahramian F, Alidousti A, Aslani H

Osteochondral lesion of talus (OLT) is one of the common causes of ankle pain. This disorder is common in young athletes after ankle injury. There are... Read More

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Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc    

Deep Neural Network-Based Gait Classification Using Wearable Inertial Sensor Data.

Jung D, Nguyen MD, Han J, Park M, Lee K, Yoo S, Kim J, Mun KR

Human gait has been regarded as a useful behavioral biometric trait for personal identification and authentication. This study aimed to propose an eff... Read More

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Sensors (Basel)    

Hurdle Clearance Detection and Spatiotemporal Analysis in 400 Meters Hurdles Races Using Shoe-Mounted Magnetic and Inertial Sensors.

Falbriard M, Mohr M, Aminian K

This research aimed to determine whether: (1) shoe-worn magnetic and inertial sensors can be used to detect hurdle clearance and identify the leading ... Read More

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ennairam_23 Monday, March 21, 2011

A friend had athlete's foot once and he treated it with an anti-fungal cream. I forgot what's the name. But it's very effective. He is now athlete's foot free.

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