Latest Publications and Research on Ankle Injuries and Disorders

J Am Acad Orthop Surg  2020 Jan 09  

Effects of Diabetes Mellitus on Functional Outcomes and Complications After Torsional Ankle Fracture.

Schmidt T, Simske NM, Audet MA, Benedick A, Kim CY, Vallier HA

It is well known that patients with diabetes mellitus experience higher complication rates after torsional ankle fracture; however, the functional con... Read More

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Zhongguo Gu Shang    

[Four kinds of operative methods for subtalar arthrodesis in treating old calcaneal fracture].

Li P, Zhang HW, Zhang Y, Xu SQ, Zhang WJ, Wang Y

To explore clinical efficacy of four surgical methods for subtalar joint fusion and internal fixation in treating old calcaneal fractures.... Read More

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Medicine (Baltimore)    

Closed atraumatic complete rupture of the flexor halluces longus tendon during forward lunge exercise: A case report.

Chun DI, Lee HS, Won SH, Moon SI, Jung KJ, Seo JH, Cho HK, Lee DW, Ryu A, Manggala Y, Kim WJ

Acute rupture of the flexor halluces longus (FHL) tendon due to trauma or laceration is a well-known phenomenon. Partial rupture of the FHL tendon cau... Read More

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