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Initial Phase Of Labor

How is the initial phase of childbirth conducted?

If the pregnant mother is experiencing mild pain, enema is given initially. The vulva and pubis is shaved.

General Examination

The pregnant woman undergoes general examination of the various systems of the body. Blood pressure and pulse rate are recorded.

Obstetric Examination

The abdomen is palpated to determine the height of the uterus and henceforth the gestational age of the fetus, position of the fetus and the presentation of the fetus. The fetal heart sounds are also monitored.

Vaginal Examination

Vaginal examination is done to determine the dilation of the cervix, presence or absence of membranes, position of fetal head, capacity of the pelvis and any cephalo pelvic disproportion. She is encouraged to empty her bladder and given a lot of reassurance.

The pregnant mother can walk about in the labor room if she is not experiencing very strong pains. If necessary she can take small quantities of liquid food at regular intervals.

How is the mother monitored during the initial phase?

The pulse rate and temperature of the mother is noted frequently, while the fetal heart rate is monitored every hour. Abdominal examination is done at regular intervals to ascertain the progress of labor. Doppler and continuous electro fetal monitoring is also done to know the well being of the fetus.

What happens in the initial phase of labor?

The intensity of uterine contractions becomes greater and if the amniotic membranes are present, they start bulging and might rupture releasing the amniotic fluid


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ennairam_23 Friday, February 11, 2011

Having undergone the process of labor and delivery myself, all I can say is: each labor and delivery experience is different. It is the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my whole life but also the most rewarding. All the pain will vanished once you see your little bundle of joy.

Jurelyn C. Licaros Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what is the mechanism of labor ?

PregnancyMassage Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The mechanism of labor is in several stages. In pre-labor, the uterus begins to contract, but the contractions are more gentle. The pregnant woman can usually go about her day. In the first active phase of labor, the uterus contracts more rhythmically and frequently, usually requiring undivided attention. These contractions coincide with the cervix dilating to about 10 cm to allow for the baby to pass through. In the second active phase of labor, the doctor or midwife will ask that the woman push each time a contraction occurs. This assists the uterus contractions in pushing the baby out. Finally, in the third phase, the placenta is expelled.

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