Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any naturally occurring dietary sources of iodine?

The native iodine content of most foods and beverages is very low. Seafood has higher iodine content.

2. What is the current status of the NIDDCP?

The State Govt. of Maharashtra appointed a high level committee and as per recommendations, the consumption of common salt was banned from 1st May 1998. However the order was stayed by the Nagpur High Court on 17th September 1998 and final orders are awaited.

Other states are following suit and legislations advocating the use of iodized salt is being formulated. Some states like West Bengal already have the law to use only iodized salt.

Wheat flour, other flours and cooking oils are being researched on to be used for dissemination of iodine to the public in order to control iodine deficiency.


Qayyum45 Friday, May 7, 2010

promote iodised salt and prevent IDD in fact this should be part of pre-school,early education program

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