Last Updated on Apr 19, 2013


A physical exam of the patient to detect enlarged liver or spleen may be carried out.

Confirmation of the EBV-related mononucleosis infection is possible through blood tests. These tests may reveal a large number of any one type of white blood cells (lymphocytes) that may display an atypical appearance.

Blood tests undertaken for mono include:-

  • Monospot – Mono patients have antibodies present in their serum raised against the EBV. During a monospot test horse RBCs clump due to the presence of these antibodies. This clumping can be detected using the Monospot blood test.
  • Heterophil antibodies test – Sheep RBC too clump in the presence of the patients’ serum antibodies. This clumping is detected by the heterophil blood test.
  • Tests are taken to rule out Strep throat - an infection with a streptococci bacteria
  • Blood chemistry tests may be carried out to check liver functions

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