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Treating the underlying cause of the hyperventilation is normally the first step to counter the condition.

Other treatment methods are descibed below-

  • The patient should be encouraged to be calm and exercise control over his breathing. If this fails then the patient must be taken to a hospital to check out the causes of hyperventilation.
  • Oxygen may be administered to reduce tissue hypoxia. This must be continued until hypoxia is clinically ruled out.
  • In case the patient is unconcious care should be taken in order not to block the airway
  • There may be a requirement to admnister parenteral drugs to reduce anxiety and to slow excessive breathing
  • Hyperventilation syndrome patients may require behavior therapy or other psychiatric treatments
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques are known to benefit hyperventilation patients

Breathing into a paper bag is no longer recommended. Hyperventilation is self limiting and the patient will settle down with time. If the symptoms revive it is better to consult a doctor.


trackana Monday, June 4, 2012

I have simillar symptoms what is medication or home remedy for this?

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