Last Updated on Dec 18, 2019

How to deal with the Psychological Changes in Pregnancy?

Discussing the problems, attending childbirth classes, yoga and meditation help in coping with the emotional changes.

Acceptance of the changes in the body can go a long way in helping a pregnant woman make peace with her changing physical and emotional dimensions.

Dealing with psychological changes associated with pregnancy is easier for women who have a supportive husband, parents and in-law.

In case of inability to cope with the changing mental state, the following interventions can be sought -.

  • Discussing the problems with the spouse and the medical practitioner can be helpful
  • Social interactions with other pregnant women or new mothers
  • Attending childbirth classes is very helpful for educating parents-to-be about what they can expect
  • Talking with a friend or colleague who has been through a pregnancy
  • Seeking support from one's own mother
  • Learning some relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga will help cope with stress
  • Keeping busy as it will help the mind be occupied with immediate things and not dwell too much on the past or future
  • Developing a hobby may help women who may have to restrict movements because of the doctor’s advice
  • Seek professional help to cope with the emotional changes in pregnancy

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