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Diagnosis and Treatment of Bleeding Gums

Diagnosis of bleeding gums is usually done by a dentist.

Bleeding gums areusually diagnosed and treated by a dentist. A proper history helps the dentistrule out conditions like trauma.

A dentist uses an instrumentcalled a probe to diagnose this condition. This instrument is a sharp thinmetal which, when passed along the margin between the tooth and the gum, causesspontaneous bleeding.

Bleeding Gums: Instrument

Blood tests are useful to determineproblems with the clotting mechanism, if present.

X-ray of the teeth and jaw bones may benecessary to rule out infection of the bone.

Treatment of Bleeding Gums

Treatment of bleeding gums involvesidentifying and treating the underlying cause.

Treatmentof bleeding gums includes:

Gumbleeding can be controlled by applying pressure with a gauze pad soaked in icewater directly to the bleeding gums.

Bleeding Gums: gauze pad

Localapplication of some over-the-counter liquid solutions that contain astringentscan help control or reduce bleeding of the gums. But long lasting results areobtained only by treating the cause.

Proper dental hygiene - If long standinginflammation is the cause of bleeding then removal of the source of bacteriawill result in improvement of the condition. Proper maintenance of the teeth bythe patient is a must.

Vitamins supplements - For vitamindeficiency, proper diet or vitamin supplements are recommended. Sore andbleeding gums can be aggravated by citrus fruits and juices, rough or spicyfood, alcohol, and tobacco. Vitamin C supplements are recommended, if citrusfruits and juices cannot be taken.

If dentures (artificial teeth) makegums bleed, wear them only during meals.

Brush teeth gently (with asoft-bristle toothbrush) after every meal.

Thedentist may recommend rinsing the mouthwith salt water or hydrogen peroxide and water.

Bleeding Gums: Mouth wash

Avoidusing commercial, alcohol-containing mouthwashes, which aggravate the problem.


VIM73 Saturday, December 24, 2011

I jam having problem of bledding gum and bad breath.Kindly advice Medicines for it

abiabi Tuesday, November 22, 2011

hi i need a help i have a big problem my gum and teeth bleed day and nigh after sleep how can i treatmeant plz

gallop Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bleeding gums is the most dreadful thing. It spoils the breath and also the taste of the food. I would first like to meet the emergency dentists clinic....

alvin Thursday, September 10, 2009

i need help,my gum bleeding can i help?thank you

albert33 Sunday, December 21, 2008

i need help,my gum bleed day and night plus a bad can i healit .thank you

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