Last Updated on Sep 25, 2014

Diagnosis of Cystitis

Primary diagnosis of cystitis is based on the signs and symptoms followed by urine tests and culture to confirm the diagnosis.

Diagnosis of cystitis is made through:

  • History- Most often, cystitis can be diagnosed with the help of a detailed history given by the patient.
  • Urinalysis- A urine specimen is tested with the help of a testing dip-stick, or by a laboratory, using a microscope. Urine culture and sensitivity test allows the doctor to find out which antibiotic will best eradicate the infection.
  • Ultrasound or X-ray of the kidney and bladder- These tests can be performed to rule out any possible underlying cause for repeated urinary infection (after one attack in a male or multiple attacks in a female). They include ultrasound scans and X-ray of the kidneys and bladder using a dye injected into the blood vessels (intravenous urography), or looking into the bladder using an endoscope (cystoscopy).

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