How can Fracture of Knee Cap be Treated?

Treatment for patella fracture comprises of nonsurgical and surgical options, depending on the type of fracture.

Undisplaced fracture can be healed with nonsurgical treatment. However, displaced fracture requires surgery followed by quadriceps strengthening exercises for complete rehabilitation.

Nonsurgical treatment of patella fracture -

Immobilization of the leg with plaster casts helps heal a non-displaced or minimally displaced fracture within 6-8 weeks.

Surgical treatment of patella fracture -

Patellectomy- Sometimes the entire patella is removed. Removing this does not cause any great disability to the individual.

Partial patellectomy- When only a portion of the patella is removed it is known as partial patellectomy. The ligaments or tendons that were previously connected to the removed portion are connected to the remaining portion. A tension band wiring may be required to reunite the fractured bones.

Rehabilitation -

Irrespective of the treatment option, rehabilitation is very important as keeping the leg immobilized in a plaster cast can result in knee stiffness and weak thigh muscles.

Exercises that help strengthen the leg muscles and restore range of motion in the knee are taught to the patient.

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