Written by Avantina Sharma, Ph.D (Foods and Nutrition), M.Sc (Foods and Nutrition) | 

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ramya Ananthakrishnan, MD on Mar 21, 2018

Soya Foods And Other Phyto-Oestrogens

Phyto-oestrogen containing foods have been found to be beneficialin the management of hot flashes. The meaning of the word can be figured out by breaking it into components.. (phyto=plant , oestrogens = chemical) Thus chemicals that are found in plants are known as phytoestrogens.

The chemical structure of these is quite similar to oestrogen - female sex hormone. They are found in soya bean products, fibre of whole grains, fruit, vegetables and flax seed. The complete liquid food - milk too contains a fair amount.

Some instances in the research sphere shows that lower risk of hot flashes are observed in women who consume Phyto-oestrogens in their diets.

Also consumption of Phyto-oestrogens regularly over several weeks showed reduced oestrogen levels in females. HRT cake which carries ingredients with high phyto-estrogens levels. This makes it ideal for hot flashes .

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guest Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My worst hot flashes feel similar to a slight electrical shock, short-lived but very significant (as if I have stuck my finger in a light socket.) Has anyone else experience a similar type of hot flash? I have also had the type where you feel as if your temperature immediately rises and you must remove clothing while profusely perspiring.

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