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Home Treatment for Tuberculosis

Taking prescribed medicines -

The home treatment for tuberculosis focuses on taking the medicines correctly to reduce the risk of developing multidrug-resistant TB. It is advised the patient-

  • Keep regular follow-up with the doctor.
  • Take the medicines as prescribed.
  • Report any side effects of the medicines.

Healthy eating and exercise -

Home Treatment for Tuberculosis

Eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and doing some exercise during the treatment regime helps to fight the TB infection. A balanced meal comprising of enough protein and calories help to control the weight loss.

  • Eat smaller meals several times a day instead of a few large ones.
  • Drink high-calorie protein shakes or other nutritious drinks between meals.
  • Drink peppermint or ginger tea.
  • Exercise and stay active. Walking is the best form of exercise.

Emotional issues -

As the TB treatment takes long, patients may have trouble coping.

Many patients often feel embarrassed about having TB, or feel isolated or depressed, or are worried about losing their job in the course of the treatment.

A counselor or social worker can help cope with such emotional issues.

Preventing the spread of TB -

A person infected with TB can easily spread the disease to others until he/she has been on antibiotics for about 2 weeks.

Undertake the following measures to prevent the spread of TB-

  • Do not go to work or school while the TB infection is in the active phase.
  • Ensure proper ventilation of the patient’s room.
  • Cover the mouth while sneezing or coughing. Dispose of the soiled tissues in a covered container or burn them.


AkshayKS Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello sir,

I am 28 years old,

I had cough and chest pain, i consulted the doctor and he said there some fluid in my chest and removed fluid by endoscopy treatment, but they found TB bacteria in biopsy result, I started the TB treatment that akurit4 tablets for 2 months and akurit3 for 4 months, and I was feeling better.

After completed 6 months treatment I found enlarged lymb node [left side of the neck].

Doctor suggest me to remove the lymb nodes and continue akrut3 tablets

I could not continue day by day treatment with tb tablet, I had missed 4 or 5 days TB tablet in initial months of completed six months treatment - Is that big problem?
Now I am really afraid of this. I have few more doubts that i have listed below, I hope you will help me

1) Why lymb node enlarged after 6 month completed treatment?

2) How do i check if there a TB bacteria in my body? or how do i check TB bacteria increasing or decreasing in my body?

3) DB patients have any problem in future? Will TB come back in future?

4) What are the side effects of long duration TB treatment with TB tablets?

Atul22 Wednesday, September 2, 2015

dear sir,I was going through spinal TB treatment for about 10-11 months..and Istop taking medicines after this time period.. and now I am feeling symptoms again such as weakness,loss of weight but no cough..on my upper portion of my back its something like nailing inside..I am really afraid to consult doctor again because doctor told me that their is no ways to treat TB if you stopped taking medicine without my consult..I stopped my medicine in starting of January 2015..please help me age is 25 years and I am a boy living in India

Man100 Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sir, I am female aged 40 years, Indian national staying in UAE for last 10 years. Every 3 years for getting a residense visa I need to undergo medical tests to check for any infectious disease. So many years I have done tests, never faced any problem. Unfortunately very recently when I had to undergo X-ray they found some spot in my chest and suspected for TB. As instructed by health authorities I had to undergo skin test, IGRA blood test and Sputum test. Skin test and IGRA blood test has come negative. Moreover sputum test is also negative. Only test left is sputum culture test result which they said will take 42 days. I had submitted my sputum last month. I had checked yesterday for any developments with the authorities as they said you could check after 15 days post sputum submital. The result was still not available and they told to wait till end of this month for final result as 42 days will be completed. In last 6 months or may be more I never had any TB symptoms such as headache, fever, fatigue, weight loss, cough etc. I am very much worried about the final outcome which will decide whether I could continue staying in UAE or not. Can you please advice what are the chances of the test outcome. Is it possible that I am infected. Your reply will help to release my anxiety and educate other friends in such incidents.

Shuby Friday, August 16, 2013

Hi, My mother is 72yrs old.She has been having low grade fever past 2 months. Her sking TB test and TB gold blood test are positive. She suffers from weak stomach. she doesn't have any cough, has had slight weight loss, has pain in her shoulders ans base of spine. Please let me know what kind of TB is she suffering from and would she be able to sustain such strong TB medication? What can I do to help her?

ANGRYBIRD Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My daughter aged 10years had chine of Lymphnodes enlarged rht sid of the neck and NFAC done report says single TB bacteria cell found. Then doctor started ATT, after 10days she got high fever @103 and full total rashes. Admited in hospita. The doctor says its measles.. now the treatment for ATT stoppped and LFT reports 2 levels increased. Now i am not understanding weather that correctly dignosed TB or not . And if TB confirm how to manage the LFT levels under medication.. Presently taking RCINIC KID AND PYZINA KID tabs supporting Bcomplex. Experts kindly suggest

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