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Treatment of Hodgkins Lymphoma

With proper treatment it is possible to cure the vast majority of patients with Hodgkins lymphoma.

The choice of treatment depends on the stage and type of the disease, age, sex, and the overall health status of the patient.

Early diagnosis is the key to success with treatment, as the large majority of patients will benefit from the treatment and will at least survive for five years or longer.

However it is likely that about 25% of these patients are not cured and a nearly equal number of patients may, in the long run, succumb to the consequences of the treatment , such as secondary malignancies, heart and/or lung disease and infections.

For most patients in the early stage of the disease, watching and waiting aided by frequent monitoring, is the best method of management. This will help to detect and remedy, without delay, any changes in the system. Involved-field radiation therapy or chemotherapy is used to treat patients with early-stage Hodgkins lymphoma.

Those in the late-stage of the disease are treated with combination chemotherapy alone.

Patients at any stage of the disease, who have a large chest mass, are usually treated with combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


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i m going to marry with a guy that had this cancer and had stem cell tarnsplant too.i want to know that is there any danger again?i mean after BMT is it possible to come back ? thanks.

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wonderful animation ...but could i use it fr my presentation please...@ NIH

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