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Hodgkins Lymphoma - Incidence

Hodgkins lymphoma accounts for a little less than 1% of all cancers globally. It occurs between 15 to 35 years or after 55 years of age.

Hodgkins lymphoma has a bimodal incidence curve, unlike other lymphomas that occur with age. It occurs, more often, in two separate age groups, the first being the 15-35 years age group and the other group being those over the age of 55 years old. This is subjected to geographic variation.

In India, 21% of all Hodgkins disease was seen in children at the Tata Memorial Hospital (Bombay, India) with a marked male: female ratio of 5.5:1. Generally speaking, Hodgkins is more common in men than women the world over except the nodular sclerosis type, which is more common in women.

The annual incidence of Hodgkins is 1/25,000, making it one of the rearer cancers.

The non-Hodgkins type of Lymphoma is more common than Hodgkins type and only.

One in eight Lymphoma is Hodgkins type.

Hodgkins Lymphoma is seen more commonly in patients with impaired auto-immune diorders (e.g after a transplant surgery). It is also known to affect HIV patients who have higher CD4 T- Cell count.


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leila Sunday, December 21, 2008

i m going to marry with a guy that had this cancer and had stem cell tarnsplant too.i want to know that is there any danger again?i mean after BMT is it possible to come back ? thanks.

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wonderful animation ...but could i use it fr my presentation please...@ NIH

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