Last Updated on Jun 09, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for a food-drug interaction?

A general physician or a family physician of the patient should be consulted immediately if any symptoms of food-drug interaction are found and recovery measures should be taken as soon as possible.

2. Is there any beneficial drug interactions with grapefruit?

Yes, interaction of certain drugs with grapefruit juice can be beneficial. For example, grapefruit juice increases the level of the protease inhibitor drug saquinavir used in the treatment of AIDS. Since the drug are safe even at the higher levels, the combination may not produce side effects but in fact may improve the benefit to the patient.

3. What are the factors that influence grapefruit-drug interaction?

Factors like susceptibility of the patient to the CYP3A4 enzyme inhibition, pharmacokinetic properties of the drug like absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination, and quantity and type of grapefruit juice taken are considered as factors that influence grapefruit-drug interaction.

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