Gout Glossary

Arthritis - Inflammation of tissues in the joints.

Metabolism - A bio-chemical process through which energy consumption and energy production is carried out in cells.

Uric Acid - White crystals of water soluble lithic acid found in urine.

Synovial Fluid - This is a clear fluid found in the joints, acting as a lubricant. The synovial fluid fills the synovium, the membrane that surrounds a joint and creates a protective sac. In addition to cushioning joints, this fluid supplies nutrients and oxygen to cartilage, the slippery tissue that coats the ends of bones.

Sickle Cell Anemia - A condition in which the red blood cells appear in a sickle or crescent shape preventing the normal functioning of red blood cells thus causing anemia.

Renal Calculi - Uric acid kidney stones.


barbarabaker Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the past two years I've had over a dozen onsets of this; in the last four months though, it has become more "ongoing" with currently counting 3 episodes and currently experiencing pain. My doctors in the past said nothing more than tendinitis and I know that's not what it is. Recently though, with the pain I'm having I decided to google the information. All the symptoms seem to be relevant to symptoms written.
The only difference; my pain goes straight up my leg (on the inner part kind of like running up my main artery). I can't bend my knee because the pain on the underside is horrible. I can't stand because the top of my foot is so swollen, red and "water logged" that I end up just sitting with my foot up for a good 5-10 days. Please tell me what questions I should ask my doctors.

Oh, PS- I have CKD/ stage 3 and Type 1 diabetes. I weigh 145lbs and am 5'7".

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