Last Updated on Oct 26, 2018


1. Which doctors treat Goodpasture syndrome?

Goodpasture syndrome may be treated by a team of specialists. An initial diagnosis may be done by an expert in Internal Medicine. Kidney disease may be treated by a nephrologist and lung disease may be treated by a pulmonologist.

2. What is the prognosis of Goodpasture syndrome?

In the early days, Goodpasture syndrome almost always resulted in death. However, with the current treatment, the death rate has come down and less than 30% people require long-term dialysis.

3. Can a person with anti-GBM disease suffer from lung disease alone?

Yes, a person with anti-GBM disease can suffer from a lung disease alone, but this is very rare and is seen in less than 10% of patients with anti-GBM disease. Sixty to eighty percent patients suffer from lung and kidney disease, whereas twenty to forty percent suffer from kidney disease alone.

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