Last Updated on Oct 31, 2019


Bowmans capsule: Also called glomerular capsule. The capsule surrounding the glomerulus that serves as a filter to remove organic wastes, excess salts, glucose and water. The final product comes out as urine.

Cirrhosis of liver: A condition of liver in which the liver does not function properly due to slow and long-term process of damage. If identified early further damage may be prevented.

Cystinosis: A genetic disorder characterized by abnormal accumulation of amino acid called cystine.

Glomerulus: A special type of capillaries found in each nephron in the kidney, through which the blood passes to release out waste products.

Nephron: The smallest functional unit of the kidney. It consists of a glomerulus and its associated tubule. The filtrate that is filtered out of blood passes through glomerulus before being converted into urine.

Renal: Relating to kidneys.

Tyrosinaemia: An inborn metabolic disorder in which the body cannot break down the amino acide called tyrosine. Liver and kidney disturbances and mental retardation are the symptoms.

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