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Nephron: The microscopic structure in the kidney in which blood is filtered and urine is formed.

Glomeruli: Network of microscopic blood vessel structures in the kidney, responsible for filtering waste from the blood.

Albumin: The main protein in blood plasma. Low levels of serum albumin occur in people with malnutrition, inflammation, and serious liver and kidney disease.

Autoimmune disease: When the immune system mistakes self tissues (self antigens) as foreign antigen (non self) and results in an inappropriate immune response it results in an autoimmune disease.

Antibodies: Protein produced by white blood cells, which neutralize or destroy foreign proteins in the body (antigens). When infected with virus or bacteria, the body produces antibodies, which destroy the invading microorganisms.

Immunoglobulins: Defensive substances produced by the body against foreign harmful particles

Immunosuppressive therapy: Therapy used to decrease the body''s immune response, such as drugs given to prevent transplant rejection.

Steroids: Drugs used to relieve swelling and inflammation.

Plasmapheresis: A procedure whereby plasma (which contains proteins, such as antibodies) is separated and removed from the blood and replaced with another solution, such as saline or albumin.


rameshdohare Friday, April 20, 2012

Is there any cases when kidney fails 100% for months together after that kidney become 100 % functional by self or by medication .

Mamabear10 Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My son had this when he was 4 as a result of HSP. When admitted into Childrens Hospital he was in 80% kidney failure. However, in 4 days his kidneys were functionally almost normally. The DR. said he didnt understand how he recovered so quickly. I am looking for statistics as to this type of recovery.

guest Wednesday, March 14, 2007

how can you treat this for a premature baby born at 28 weeks now 3 months old fighting for his little life if you can help contact me 210 313-7226 please HELP

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