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Complications and Prognosis of Gilbert's Syndrome

Enzyme deficiency in Gilbertís syndrome may lead to increased side effects of certain drugs. Prognosis is excellent.


The jaundice produced by Gilbertís syndrome is mild. However, extremely elevated bilirubin levels may require drugs like phenobarbital.

The enzyme which is abnormal in Gilbertís syndrome is one that plays a role in clearing a number of medications in the body. Hence its deficiency (as in Gilbertís syndrome) may lead to increased side effects of certain drugs like:

  • Irinotecan, a cancer chemotherapy drug - accumulation of the drug cause severe diarrhoea
  • Indinavir: drug used in people with HIV infection


Prognosis (outlook) is excellent.


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flamingo Thursday, January 31, 2013

A very nice article to explain in laymans terms what Gilbert syndrome means. Wish you all could post some downloadable stuff on the same topic.

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