Estimation of Risks of Genetic Counselling


Naming of the common disease like Diabetes and hypertension have some genetic basis, however other factors like the environment also is responsible. 

Transmitance / Development of disorder depends on both genetic as well as environmental factors ; not genetic alone. 


  • Increased risk is greatest among closest relatives and decreases rapidly with distance relationship. 
  • Risk of recurrence with depend upon incidence of the disorders unlike mendelians inheritance. 
  • Close relations and high heritability of disorders – increases the risk. 
  • More severely affected proband rarely with disease.
  • Multiple family members can be affected.


nagarasan Monday, December 28, 2009

I am Nagarasan in India. I am affected with congental myotonia from childhood. What genetic counseling is there for curing this in gene theraphy.

@Guest Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gene therapy is still not an approved therapy in human beings.

However, limited symptomatic treatment may be available.

Also, if you have the genetic confirmation of the disorder, you can potentially prevent the future generation from inheriting the same condition.


Dr. Risha Nahar
Genetic Consultant

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