Genetic Counseling - Understanding The Pattern Of Genetic Inheritance

The X – linked inheritance can have some interesting result depending on the X –chromosomes of mother or father that is Genetic disorders can be transmitted/affected through the somatic or sex chromosomes.

These disorders can be called " Dominant or Recessive". The chances of getting a dominant disorders in an offspring is 50% because both mother and father carry the defective gene. In case of Recessive disorders the chance of inheritance are only 25% as only one of the two parents carries the defective gene. Some genetic disorders are only transmitted through the mother or her X- chromosomes and hence are called X – linked disorders.


nagarasan Monday, December 28, 2009

I am Nagarasan in India. I am affected with congental myotonia from childhood. What genetic counseling is there for curing this in gene theraphy.

@Guest Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gene therapy is still not an approved therapy in human beings.

However, limited symptomatic treatment may be available.

Also, if you have the genetic confirmation of the disorder, you can potentially prevent the future generation from inheriting the same condition.


Dr. Risha Nahar
Genetic Consultant

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