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Frequently Asked Questions about Ganglions

1. Which doctor do I need to consult?

You should consult an orthopaedic surgeon.

2. What is a Ganglion Cyst?

Ganglion Cysts are benign lumps that might grow in the hand or wrist. They are usually formed from nearby joints or tendon sheaths.

3. Is it necessary for a doctor's evaluation for a small signs of lump?

It is better to take a doctor's opinion for any condition, which is not normal.

4. What is the treatment for a Ganglion Cyst?

Treatment of ganglions generally varies from ignoring to conservative or surgical treatment of ganglions. They usually include removing fluid from the cyst with a needle, immobilizing the hand or wrist with a splint, or if necessary a surgery of the ganglions could be conducted.

5. Can a wrist splint or brace be used?

Yes, it can be used on and off. It would help in restricting the movement of the joints, which in turn could reduce the fluid collected as swelling.

6. Is it a must to undergo treatment for ganglions?

Ganglions are the most common benign soft-tissue lumps on the hands and wrists. Ganglions are usually painless and do not cause other symptoms. Many a times rest and reassurance that the ganglion is not serious condition is a treatment by itself. They may disappear without any treatment. Some times treatment of ganglions could become a necessity, as it might be cosmetically ugly.

7. After surgery what is the probability that he cyst will reoccur?

The ganglions can reappear after treatment, after surgical treatment of ganglions their reappearance could be related the sac not having been fully visualised at surgery.

8. What happens after surgery?

After surgery, a splint should be worn for wrist ganglions for 10 days. The range of movement exercises must be started early either at home or with a therapist. Recovery time varies depending on the location of the ganglion.


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