Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctors do gallbladder surgery?

Gallbladder surgery may be done by a surgeon or a surgical gastroenterologist.

2. Which is the most preferred type of gall bladder surgery during pregnancy?

Gallbladder surgery during pregnancy is usually avoided and is done only in case of an emergency. If the pregnancy is in the last trimester, an open surgery is usually preferred.

3. Which are the various conditions in which a laparoscopic surgery is not recommended?

Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery should be avoided in the presence of lung infection or disease, obesity, bleeding problems, pancreatitis, severe liver problems, third trimester of pregnancy or if the patient has undergone past surgeries of the abdomen.

4. What is the diet recommended for patients with diarrhea after a gallbladder surgery?

A diet rich in fibre content such as brown rice and whole meal bread is recommended for patients with diarrhea following gallbladder surgery. A low fat and less spicy diet is also recommended for these patients.

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