A Patella Fracture is a fracture of the knee cap and is one of the most common knee injuries.

Fracture of Knee Cap

The knee cap (patella) acts like a shield for the knee joint and so it can easily be injured. About 15% percent of sport injuries involve the knee. The knee is the weakest if a person is involved in high-velocity, cutting, twisting, and jumping activities. Patella fractures are more common in males than in females.

Falling directly onto the knee is a common cause of Patellar fractures.

Pain and swelling of the knee are the common symptoms of Patellar fracture.

Diagnostic techniques like x-ray and MRI can be used to determine the type and extent of fracture.

Patellar fracture is a serious injury and often requires surgery to heal. In the long run, it may cause arthritis in the knee, weakness of the quadriceps muscles and chronic pain.

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