Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist should I visit when I have a knee injury?

You can consult an orthopedic surgeon for this problem.

2. How can I reduce the pain when my knee is fractured?

You may raise the injured knee above the level of the heart once immobilized to help reduce pain and swelling.

3. What are the dos and donts following a knee injury?
  • Apply a sterile dressing to open wounds.
  • Don't move the patient unless the injured area is completely immobilized.
  • Don't attempt to straighten a fractured bone or joint or to change its position.
  • Don't test a fractured bone or joint for loss of function.

4. What are the complications of patella fracture surgery?
  • Painful metal implants- It is the most common complication of patella fracture surgery. Often a second procedure is performed to remove the metal implants.
  • Infection
  • Non-healing fractures
  • Knee cap pain
  • Knee arthritis

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