Symptoms of Floppy Iris Syndrome

Signs of floppy Iris syndrome include poor dilatation of pupil during eye surgery, flaccid iris and a tendency of iris prolapse through corneal incisions.

Tamsulosin causes loss of tone of the iris resulting in the following features during cataract surgery:

  • Poor dilatation of the pupil, which is required during the surgery
  • Floppiness of the iris
  • Tendency of the iris to prolapse through incisions
Floppy Iris Syndrome Prolapse

Depending on the severity of the condition, floppy iris syndrome is classified into grades 0 to 3.

Floppy iris syndrome can cause complications during cataract surgery. These include damage to the lens, vitreous humor or the iris.


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What are the major complication of this syndrome? Which age group people are generally affected by this syndrome?

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How to avoid Intraoperative floppy iris syndrome?

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