Density training workout is one of the newer modalities of exercise routine being practiced these days. Although it is extremely popular in the west, in India it is a lesser known exercise pattern.

Density training is all about the amount of work done per unit of time. This means, you workout more intensively in less time and without increasing the weights.

Exercising should come to us like brushing, bathing, or eating, that is, regularly and every day. But we are left with very little time for exercising each day due to our cut throat work schedules. One may be a housewife or into some business or working at a call centre - but for most of us, finding a good 40-minutes time for exercising can be challenging. In this time frame, one could probably do cardio and weight training alternatively over the week and lose fat mass over a period of time.

Fitness Through Density Training Program

How about gaining muscle and losing fat at a good pace by investing less time? Wouldn’t adding convenience, effectiveness and variety be an added advantage to us? Density training can do this and more in shorter duration if practiced appropriately and religiously. Even if you do not adapt it as a routine, you could start by doing it sometimes and judging what would suit you best.


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