Benefits of Density Training

The number of reps, sets, amount of time interval just gives a direction to Density Training. The core of EDT is to do more work than the last time. Maintaining a training log to beat the number of repetitions in each session is the heart of this type of workout.

Density Training or Escalating Density Training has many advantages over regular weight training. Some of the benefits of EDT are:

  • It is a time-efficient way of working out
  • Its fun and challenging
  • EDT keeps one motivated to exercise as it assures definite results
  • It adds variety and excitement to the workouts
  • EDT can be used as a cardio vascular form of training
  • EDT can be practiced at home under the guidance of a fitness trainer. Apart from the exercises using gym equipments, it could be done by including freehand exercises and the ones which just use weights
  • In case of EDT, there is a definite clarity of progression and change in terms of reduction of body weight and body toning in a short time
  • EDT has a tremendous fat burning effect. Like with weight training, one continues to burn calories long after the work out is over for about 36 hours due to an elevated metabolic rate. This is what is called as the Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or the after burn effect. They are a long term investment in terms of calorie burning. This is one of the reasons why weight training/resistance training or anaerobic exercises are preferred over cardiovascular or aerobic activities
  • Like aerobic and anaerobic exercises, EDT aids in fat loss, keeps diabetes under control, makes the heart stronger, tones the body and increases overall fitness. (Endurance and strength)


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