Last Updated on Jul 31, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for fatal familial insomnia?

One must consult their family physician, who will request for some diagnostic tests to be performed before confirming the condition of FFI. Further treatment will require the expertise of a neurologist.

2. If FFI definitely causes death, how does it pass on to the subsequent generations?

FFI causes death within a few months of appearance of symptoms. However, symptoms usually appear when the affected individuals are well passed middle age, by which time, they may have passed the defective gene to their children.

3. How do you cure insomnia?

Insomnia in FFI cannot be cured due to the deterioration of the thalamus and the associated nervous system. However, in other non-FFI cases of insomnia, stress-relief methods and changes in lifestyle may help to cure insomnia.

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