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1.†† Which doctor should be consulted if I develop Gestational; Diabetes?

You are advised to consult an Endocrinologist along with your gynecologist.

2.†† †My parents have diabetes. I am pregnant now. Will I have gestational diabetes?

Since your parents had diabetes you are at risk of developing gestational diabetes. So have your blood glucose monitored at regular intervals.

3. †† The doctor has diagnosed gestational diabetes in me. Will I need insulin?

You might need insulin if your sugar level is not controlled by diet and moderate regular physical activity. This will be decided by your doctor, based on your blood tests.

4.††† Will I continue to be diabetic even after delivery?

If you had gestational diabetes, usually insulin secretion drops after delivery and you will return to normal state. Bu if you† had diabetes prior to your pregnancy, this status will continue. It is better to check your blood sugar levels every year as studies have shown that gestational diabetic mothers are at increased risk of developing diabetes later on in their life.

5.††† How will I know that I have gestational diabetes?

Blood investigation will be done as part of the ante-natal visit, at least once every three months. This will help in detecting the diabetic state.

6.††† I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Will my baby suffer from diabetes?

The baby will not have diabetes unless there is some other underlying metabolic disorder in the baby. But studies have shown that the child may in its later years develop diabetes and this will depend on the lifestyle such as diet, physical activity of the child.


ved12 Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gestational diabetes is cause when body should be able to use its insulin more effectively. This is condition mostly found in pregnancy. Therefore, always be aware of diabetes in pregnancy.

ved12 Thursday, January 12, 2012

According to my experience Gestational diabetes diet is very helpful to control it.This is very simple way to control diabetes.

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Plese give the normal range of blood sugar level during pregnancy and what should be the range of blood sugar?

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