Last Updated on Nov 30, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How perfoms an echocardiogram (ECHO)?

The availability of results depends on the availability of a cardiologist in the office.

It usually takes few hours to get the report.

2. What do they do when you get an echocardiogram?

Once the images are interpreted by your cardiologist, he suggests the treatment. Getting an ECHO doesn’t mean you need a treatment. But appropriate treatment will be suggested once the diagnosis is made.

3. Can I eat on the day of the test?

Yes. You can eat and drink before the procedure. In the case of TEE or stress echocardiogram, you will be suggested not to eat or drink for a few hours before the procedure.

4. Should I take my medications on the day of the test?

Yes, you can take all the medications, according to your daily schedule.

5. How will I feel during the test?

You will feel quite comfortable while performing the test. In the case of TEE, you may feel like gagging.

6. How long does the test take?

It usually takes less than one hour.

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