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Famous personalities with Dyslexia

Last Updated on Dec 28, 2019
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Famous Personalities with Dyslexia

Some of the most famous celebrities of today and yesteryear are dyslexic personalities. The owner of Virgin airlines Richard Branson, John Lennon of the music group Beatles, actors like Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, and Whoopi Goldberg, photographer David Bailey. Even people from past times like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison, and Albert Einstein are also said to suffer from learning problems like Dyslexia.


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Pages from India:

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  3. http://disabilityindia.org/scilearn.cfm
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Employ dyslexia test for children, whenever you find your children finding it difficult to read with speed and accuracy.


consider this: if a (q)appears as a (p) and a (d) appears as a (b) qp db / bd pq when looked upon in a mirror. then the visual condition is neither Dyslexia nor Dysgraphia but rather the term strephosymbolia(Twisted Symbols) should be made use of . the term was coined by Dr. S.D. Orton to explain why people view text as if in a mirror & why they write in mirrored text (Backwards)from right to left , they must write in this text format in order to precieve text as if in standard format from left to right. No known medical cure to date, the gene DCDC2 linked to C6 & C15 cause strephosymbolia. paschar


This article is the problem with dyslexia. We are not ill or in need of treatment We have #D vision and can see so much more than most people. Learning to discipline that power is a rather different story, and being forced to interact with the 2D world, i.e. reading, takes special skills. But, we are great readers, often lovers of books, yet even better writers- precisely because we engage with language using all our senses. We read, but also 'see' the words, imagine the situation and from there our creativity really takes off. We read better out loud or when hearing someone read, and even envision the words on the page when we hear, while at the same time imagining the scene described and the possibilities in that space. Maps are also 2D representations that pose us problem, but once we have a visual image to anchor the 2D map, we can 'read' it better than any one AND retain the images in our memories, returning to places we've visited just once, etc. We know space, and are often in creative fields, but especially where we move through space and time, using the maxim number of our senses, which takes advantage of the 3D vision.


hi. i have two daughter's who were diagnosed with dyslexia. my older one u could see it more then the other one. my advice to some of u is to find a parent chat room for dyslexic children n they will give u advice n share different things with u. this is how i learned to cope with this.


my son, 11 years of age has dyslexia,actuallly i have noknowledge about that diseses,is it curable at d age of 11 or not plz rub me the way


i'm sorry but there is no cure but u as a parent need to learn how to help your child


dyslexia is a curable disease,u know how to help your child in his school activities,dont get tensed with his activities..take ur child for regular counselling...ur child can be cured.

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