Last Updated on Jul 26, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for dry skin?

You must consult a dermatologist to seek professional treatment for dry skin or recurrence of dry skin.

2. Can allergies cause dry skin?

Allergies can cause a type of dermatitis called allergic dermatitis. In this condition the allergy to the triggering substance induces dry skin and redness.

3. Do genetics play a role in dry skin?

Very few dry skin diseases are hereditary in nature like ichthyosis. Majority of dry skin cases are due to environmental factors and lifestyle of the individual.

4. What medical conditions cause dry skin?

Certain diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis and malnutrition can be associated with dry skin, although the link is not clearly established.

5. Can dry skin be caused by medications?

Yes. Dryness is a common adverse effect of many oral drugs like amlodipine, clobetasol, acne medications like isotretinoin and cholesterol lowering drugs like statins.

6. What are the best products for dry skin?

Moisturizers containing propylene glycol or urea help keep the skin hydrated and are good for dry skin.

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