Categorization of Drug Toxicity

Most Adverse Drug reactions are related to dose. Dose-related reactions are usually predictable, and those unrelated to dose are usually unpredictable.

Side effects

Side effects are Pharmacologic effect, which occurs even when taking normal dosage schedule.

Diarrhea is a common side effect in persons taking oral antibiotics due to killing of normal micro-flora of Gastro-intestinal tract in addition to killing pathogenic bacteria.

Over Dosage:

Toxicity, which occurs due to over dosage of the drug higher than the therapeutic range for a particular patient.

The severity of the toxicity is usually dose-related.

Toxicity may result from decrease in drug clearance in patients with impaired renal clearance.

Drug Allergies:

Drug allergies are mostly common which is not dosage related, Toxicity is not related to dosage, drug allergy may cause serious toxicity.

Drug Toxicity Therapeutic Levels

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